• MothmanXWasp

    How do i find fan art ? Also how do I find others?

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  • Nurse Puppo

    i found it really bittersweet to join the official paw patrol wiki, i'm slowly making new friends here and finding fans of the show along the way! the staff here on the wiki are very nice people and i get along well with everyone here on the wiki

    as for the show itsself I'm loving the show and it's really came a long way, ever since i watched Pups Save A School Day and got back into the show with Pups Save The Mayor's Tulips, i have been constantly watching the show non stop and i'm still going today!

    As for season 5 i've got Lots of unwatched episodes in season 5 and it's safe to say that i've got a long way to go! much love and appreciation from Nurse Puppo

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  • Trakerjip

    Happy 2019

    January 1, 2019 by Trakerjip

                           Happy New Year

            i wish everyone  all the best for 2019 

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  • YummyBiscuits

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2018 by YummyBiscuits

    Happy New Year Everyone! We may all be experiencing different time zones, but in just a few hours/or its already 1st Jan, 2018 bids us goodbye and a new chapter opens! So lets take this opportunity to do our best in everything that we do and also uphold this PAWsome wiki for the upcoming year! Plus, I would also like to personally wish everyone here a PAWsperous new year and a 2019 filled with joy.

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  • Yeahbuoyrockyandzuma

    I know it's a bit late to celebrate it because I was busy.

    I first discovered this wiki when I looked for information about Mission PAW. Then I began exploring the wiki and I saw that there are some things missing, so I started contributing to the wiki. I was afraid at first because it's a bit complicated for me.

    PAW Patrol has been great ever since, it's becoming popular in my place, it even had a Filipino dub. I smile sometimes when I see a child with a PAW Patrol merch or watching or talking about PAW Patrol. I'm still on the lookout for the Chase TY toy since I can't buy online (haha). There may be good times, there may also be bad times when I almost lost interest on the show when some people start complaining negatively about the show.…

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  • Venz412

    My Day on the Wiki Discovery

    December 24, 2018 by Venz412

    Hours from now it is my third year of my discovery of the Paw Patrol Wiki. and my point of view is getting fonder to me and begin to learn and appreciate its majestic lessons and characters

    My editing time inside me is good more or less but I hold less grudge to someone. and I can't banter it even In my standards. but I have some allies to support here to help and guide me.

    And Wish you a very happy christmas

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  • SirBlaze

    Today marks 5 years since I made my very first edit on the PAW Patrol Wiki!

    My obsession with the series was already huge at this point, but I would’ve never expected that correcting a spelling mistake would be the start of my journey to taking ownership of the wiki, publishing over 30,000 edits, making so many wonderful friends I would do anything for, one of them even coming to my location twice to hang out, talking to voice actors and crew, going to PAW Patrol Live as one of the greatest days of my life, and so much more.

    I can’t believe it has been FIVE YEARS now. So much has changed since I made my very first edit here. That was when our wiki was still in its famous yet simple “orange” look. I kickstarted the uprising of the wiki in ter…

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  • Hornean

    Rampaging Vandal

    December 8, 2018 by Hornean

    V6tgt77gy has been renaming pages all across this wiki. Because I was no longer an administrator, I could not block him. Somebody has to something about that user.

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  • Der erstaunliche Doktor

    There’s something missing on this wiki. Something huge.

    Nobody’s listening, nobody’s cooperating. This wiki is deteriorating bit by bit because so many people here complain more than making positive comments. I hate to admit anything, but this wiki isn’t going to last much longer if people like you and I decide that they’re the best individual on this site and are too proud to listen to users pleading for help and peace. I am not the only one asking for the drama to please stop. But I guess it isn’t going to if we don’t start listening and acting human......yes, we are acting like preschoolers that don’t want to share a simple little toy.

    If we want this wiki to last until SpinMaster cancels it, let’s grow up and be nice to each other. I can…

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  • Venz412

    My editing Anger

    December 6, 2018 by Venz412

    I think i tried to keep my anger inside on the computer due to its a little complications. like being a good and better editor. I have found some of my edits are reverted back to the original where I guessed after my minutes of editing an admin checks and reverts the page back. for me I could point on an admin but I can't its because the admins are strict to run the wiki and keep it smooth sailing though. I hope they also don't ban me here due to vent my anger though. and I am saying sorry if I did something wrong here. and please understand. thanks.

    TheAlLieDGeneralsTalk 13:48, December 6, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Der erstaunliche Doktor

    Hello Pups!

    Recently across the FANDOM network and the wikis I participate in, I have noticed many people saying they want to leave, and in the past say they are leaving and end up disabling their account either because they feel they are not being listened to or they just feel nobody appreciates them and they're not getting credited for major edits that needed to be on a page.

    I'm not targeting this on ANYONE, but some people just avoid answering other people's questions and comments that they leave on their walls, and that's partly because why users keep on leaving.....they don't feel appreciated or wanted. Some admins leave too on that cause. It's heartbreaking to see my Wiki friends leaving one by one, and I'm sure the same goes to each …

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  • WillTheArthurandBusterFan5050

    Hi Yall

    Sorry to bother you all about this yet again but I am still yet to see this railroad crossing in action

    So far this is the best shot of the Advenute Bay railroad crossing, the only crossing seen featured in the Paw Patrol cartoon. This is from the episode "Pup A Doodle Do!" Here we get a clear view of the signals, at least from the front and back, I guess you can call this a "street-view" of this crossing!

    I'm still hoping one day I'll see this crossing with it's lights flashing and it's gates down, going down, and or going up (there were a couple of times a train was seen near or approaching this crossing but even then the gates were shown still up, the lights weren't shown flashing, and the bells were not heard ringing.

    I would still…

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  • StaringDog

    Oh no! Could someone delete Otha bland crying? I woke up to find him with his hand covering his eyes. I WANT THAT PICTURE DELETED!

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  • SkyeLover086

    Skye Is Pawsome!!!!!!

    November 13, 2018 by SkyeLover086

    I’m a fan of Skye. Skye is cute and pretty. I love Skye’s backflips.

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  • TrackerPawsome543


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  • Marshall123Cool

    Paw Patrol

    November 13, 2018 by Marshall123Cool


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  • YummyBiscuits

    A little notice!

    November 2, 2018 by YummyBiscuits

    Hey everyone! Just to avoid any confusion or what so ever, would it be okay for me to start typing the transcript for the Mighty Pups TV-special? I would be typing it before hand before posting it on the TV release date itself so if anyone has already written the transcript, please do let me know soon! Thank you and may y'all have a great day!

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  • DaleDignos0013

    Happy Halloween

    October 13, 2018 by DaleDignos0013

    Happy Halloween guys, this is were we usually dress up for halloween.

    Especially those paw patrol fans who will be there for the Halloween event of Paw Patrol.

    Tell me how your experience will be, like you guys.

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  • Payon Duck

    I'm new

    October 10, 2018 by Payon Duck

    Hello username I am new user on this wiki. I would like to tell how I think of Chase Skye and Everest. Chase and Marshal are best friends, Chase and Skye are good friends, Chase and Rubble and Rocky and Zuma are friends. Skye and Chase are good friends, Skye friends with all the pups. Everest friends with Chase and Marshal. Leave a comment below for me! -Payon

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  • TheBlake90


    October 1, 2018 by TheBlake90

    When Sam and I were younger, he'd pick me up and carry me around the house, whilst I'd be screaming my head off. That was when I was a toddler and Sam was four. He'd put me in my high chair, feed me Cheerios, and then turn on the TV and watch Sesame Street. Our mother would be at work, and our father would be out mowing the lawn or playing golf with his friends, leaving Sam as the babysitter.

    Sam and I grew up. He played football in middle school, and I was entering middle school and wanted to be just like him. I played football alongside him, and we came home with bruises, missing teeth, and concussions galore. Sam was the quarterback, and I was a runningback, to my dismay. I never got to be quarterback for the rest of my football career.


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  • MarshallsiAnjingBomba

    Greetings, everyone.

    For a while, this site lacks a page dedicated on a list of DVDs since the first DVD came out. So, I have compiled all the DVDs on PAW Patrol that I can find and created a page to put them (Click here). It has been quite an effort (There's really a lot of DVDs for a lot of episodes now that we have 100+ of them) but tell me what you think of it.

    مرشل‌سي‌انجيڠ‌بومبا 11:29, September 28, 2018 (UTC)

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  • TheBlake90

    Myrtle Beach

    September 13, 2018 by TheBlake90


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  • PawPatrolZuma


    September 6, 2018 by PawPatrolZuma

    Ok so recently my Swaggy account @SwaggySquadOfficial got hacked/destroyed, and also the relase for Mighty Pups is October 4th, 2018 due to the trailer having the release date in it! 

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  • TheBlake90

    Happy September!

    September 1, 2018 by TheBlake90

    Happy September!

    Blake here, and I can't believe that we're already 3/4ths of our way to the end of year 2018!

    Let's put my brother's death behind and focus on the future with our own lives. Focus on Halloween for example. Can you believe that store retailers are already selling Halloween decor and costumes? It just makes people think....what on earth is happening now? 

    Let's just hope this Halloween goes good!

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  • Sgermain79

    Mighty Pups Trailer

    August 30, 2018 by Sgermain79

    Hey, everyone!

    This is sgermain79 here with exiting news! 

    I just found an Austrailian promo for Mighty Pups!

    Here it is!

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  • TheBlake90


    August 30, 2018 by TheBlake90

    It's hard when you lose a loved one. Even harder when it's your own brother.

    I half-expect him to throw his smelly hockey jersey and socks at my face the moment I wake up. But when I wake up, his bed is empty; the sheets rumpled, his blanket cowering on the floor, War and Peace on his nightstand, his glasses sitting on top, waiting to be used. And then I have a flashback of him lying in anguish in his hospital bed, asking when he could go home. He never did.

    Sam always had a crooked smile, dazzling red hair....honestly he looked like Daring Danny X without the animation. I, on the other hand, look more like Roger; tall, lean, plain. Sam was shorter than me, and he used to grumble about it, which always made me laugh. He was cocky, a little i…

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  • TheBlake90

    Last Letter

    August 29, 2018 by TheBlake90

    This is a letter addressed to you from my brother. I found it in his dresser drawer while going through his belongings.

    Hey guys!

    I know I'm dying, I just didn't want to admit anything. I know there will be an empty gap once I'm gone, so my brother Curtis will be taking over. If you look at my profile now, you'll most likely see Rocky stuff all over it; although I'm a fan of Chase, my brother, on the other hand, is pure Rocky to his core. You will like Curt. He's a lot like me, goofy and full of games. I'm pretty sure I'm the only user in this Wikia's history to be deceased, heh, I've made a new record!

    I'm sorry for leaving this wiki so soon, I knew I didn't deserve leukemia and being here when I should have focused on farewell letters and e…

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  • TheBlake90

    Forever Sam

    August 28, 2018 by TheBlake90

    Hello everyone. This is Curtis typing (Sam's brother)

    For all who know and appreciate my brother, preferably known as Sam48, you'd like to know this.

    Yesterday, Sam told me to update his Thoughts blog post today, he said that blog post would be his last one. It is. My brother, Sam Anthony James, died this morning at 4 AM.

    Sam was my best friend. His leukemia never let him down. He would always make up a good joke, even on his bad days, and he always had a big grin on his face. His last word was "love". Love. Unconditional love. My big brother.

    He told me not to spread this news "worldwide". But I wanted you to know. He loved this wiki, everybody, everything.

    Condolences can be made below.

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  • TheBlake90


    August 28, 2018 by TheBlake90

    You know, when you face a life-threatening disease, you think a lot more than a healthy person would. What did I do wrong? Is there anything left to do?

    You'd think about your last words. What would they be? Well, my 20-year-old brother would say, "Anything special and memorable".

    Well, I was told that I might die, unfortunately, not go into remission. But the battle isn't over yet. Curt may or may not take over for me.

    Life gets tougher every day. Make the best of yours.

    Signing out of this blog,

    Sam48 00:44, August 28, 2018 (UTC)

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  • TheBlake90

    Update Number 2

    August 27, 2018 by TheBlake90

    Hello again.

    Doing better bit by bit every single day. Funny thing is, I may be going to be on remission soon.

    Dropped out of college, but i'll go back once I'm cancer-free. My brother has been helping me a lot. Thanks, Curt!

    If I pass away, I'm not afraid. I've never been afraid of death. I've been embracing it.

    Just a quick briefing.

    Sam48 17:58, August 27, 2018 (UTC)

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  • YummyBiscuits

    Hey everyone! Have you heard of a Fan-Box? They're really useful boxes that can be used on your own profile page to show everyone your favourite characters of PAW Patrol! Using them is actually quite simple!

    Step 1: Click Edit on your own profile page

    Step 2: Paste in the Fan-Box of your choice! Just make sure its like the picture.

    Current Fan-Boxes:

    • FanBox/Marshall

    • FanBox/Rubble

    • FanBox/Chase 

    • FanBox/Rocky 

    • FanBox/Zuma 

    • FanBox/Skye 

    • FanBox/Everest 

    • FanBox/Tracker 

    • FanBox/Arrby 

    • FanBox/Alex 

    • FanBox/Apollo 

    • FanBox/Cali 

    • FanBox/Cap'n Turbot 

    • FanBox/Chickaletta 

    • FanBox/Danny

    • FanBox/Francois 

    • FanBox/Humdinger 

    • FanBox/Katie 

    • FanBox/LukeStars 

    • FanBox/MayorGoodway 

    • FanBox/Raimundo 

    • FanBox/RoboDog 

    • FanBox/Ryder 

    • FanBox/Sid 

    • FanBox/Sweetie 

    • FanBox/Sylvia 

    • FanBox/Wally 

    Step 3: P…

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  • TheBlake90


    August 25, 2018 by TheBlake90

    Hello everybody!

    I have an update from me, and it is not exactly the "happy ending" that one would think.

    I went into the ER last month and got diagnosed with cancer. Cancer. I'm on chemotherapy and doing well. Yeah, it sucks like hell. But I'll get through it. A lot of prayer has been done.

    God bless you all, 

    Sam48 15:36, August 25, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Joystick-Paddle

    About Tracker

    August 19, 2018 by Joystick-Paddle

    Tracker is my least favourite pup.

    He talks few lines in Spanish and his car won't change from doghouse likes the other pups.

    And his gadget cables doesn't impress me either.

    I still enjoy the show even if Tracker is there.

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  • Pawpatrolfan1774

    going on hoilday

    August 17, 2018 by Pawpatrolfan1774

    i don't know if anyone will see this but i am going away on hoilday tomorrow so i will be off the wikia for a week i'll talk to you guys again as soon as i come back next saturday the 25th of august bye for now! (i'll try to find a way to come online on my mom's tablet) 

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  • TheBlake90


    August 16, 2018 by TheBlake90

    So, it's Day 2 of my birthday trip to Japan....and it's incredible.

    Tokoyo is so wonderful, the big city is almost like NYC, but brighter.

    Loved the cherry blossom trees and tea, as well as Japanese culture.

    さようなら (Sayōnara; goodbye)

    Godsend to all,


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  • TheBlake90

    Time To Think....

    August 13, 2018 by TheBlake90

    So here I go.

    It is going to be ten more days until school starts (again, had a small break) for some of us. And two more days until my birthday kicks in.

    Still in college, unfortunately. Still in the books, psychology, biology, history.....but making it with As. Graduating in May of 2019.

    It's going to be difficult, juggling work on this wiki and school, but I'll manage. Definitely difficult with distress over my dead dog (Trying some Cap'n Turbot speech), but I'll be getting another male soon enough. And to an admin's honour, I'll name him Blaze (you know which admin). 

    Here I end on a good note.

    Sam48 18:42, August 13, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Trakerjip

    5 years PAW Patrol

    August 12, 2018 by Trakerjip

           today  its the 5th  aniversary of PAW Patrol!

    from here I want to thank Keith Chapman, Spin Master and all the people who make this wonderful show possible.

                      thank you 

       and for  our Pups from PAW Patrol  


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  • TheBlake90

    Dear All

    August 11, 2018 by TheBlake90

    I'd like to say it has been a wonderful two months on this wiki, and I'm proud of it. But I have been considering leaving this wiki out of thought. Just need feedback. I really like being here.

    My dog Bacon :) passed away yesterday at 4 pm. It's hard getting over the death of a pet. The funny thing about Bace was when I was watching an episode of PAW Patrol, he would start scratching at the TV screen and howling. I'll miss that "little dude" as I called him. He fought cancerous masses until his body couldn't stand it. Bye, Bacon. Love you.

    With all four paws for the pups,


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  • TheBlake90

    Change in Username

    August 10, 2018 by TheBlake90

    Revealing myself to the public! 

    I apologize for all the confusion, but I decided to use my original name in the US way I've always had. You see, I was born in S.Korea, and then I thought It'd be wise just to stop using pen names.

    Sorry for the inconvienice!

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  • TheBlake90

    I'd like to thank SpinMaster, Nick Jr, TVO Kids, the voice actors, and all other personnel that has kept PAW Patrol growing and still running smoothly. Thank you!

    As for this wiki, GoldenLatias6 did a wonderful job starting this wiki. If she were still around, I would have given her a heartfelt message. I wish you well.

    To the administrators, especially SirBlaze, TopBanter, Afrojack29, and Tbrays30. Thank you for all that you do! 

    To continue with that, thank you so much, SirBlaze. You've become my top mentor, my Wikia friend. I couldn't have been so successful here without you. Much thanks, God bless.

    Trakerjip, you're great. Keep it up!

    For the other users that could use a boost, don't worry. You'll get there, because I did, and I believe in …

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  • SirBlaze

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but it has now been 5 years since the PAW Patrol Wiki was founded, and it is just about 5 years since the show premiered!

    On August 1, 2013, GoldenLatias6 founded this wiki, and the series premiered just 11 days later. I can not believe that it has actually been half of a decade since this show came to the US. It doesn't feel like it's been that long, but at the same time, it has. This franchise has gotten so huge that it's even surprised me. The pups are on cereal boxes, a walk-in Lookout tower is being built at the Mall of America, the show is constantly used in examples for cable and streaming services, and so on and so forth. I'd say it has as much energy and success as Blue's Clues did back in the day. The P…

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  • Joystick-Paddle

    My favourite characters in Paw Patrol are

    - Chase

    - Skye

    - Everest

    - Zuma

    - Rubble

    - Rocky

    - Ryder

    - Marshall

    - Alex

    - Daring Danny X

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  • Trakerjip

    3 years on this wiki

    July 20, 2018 by Trakerjip

    hello everyone i just want to say  It's been 3 years since I joined PAW patrol wiki.I have enjoyed a lot here, I am happy to help contributing here too

    PAW patrol  its my favorite show and when i found this wiki i was soo happy to meet other people that likes this show,also  info about PAW patrol and i decided join it.

    from here I want to thank all the Admins for keeping the wiki for make this posible, also the user

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  • TheBlake90

    My Commenting

    July 15, 2018 by TheBlake90

    I seriously don't do much editing around here, just try and help out, like a good pup should. I'm typing this at 4 AM while fox kits and their parents are making a racket out back...a reason why I can't sleep!

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  • Squiddude2


    July 7, 2018 by Squiddude2

    Welcome to the PAW Patrol!

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  • Juwyal


    July 1, 2018 by Juwyal

    My favourite pup is Tracker.  Since he was made right before season 5, that means he'll probably be in lots of the season 5 episodes.

    My sister's favourite is Skye because she flies in the sky (and because she's pink)

    My brother thinks Marshall is funny.

    Our family dog is a german shephard, so he probably likes Chase the best.

    One question: why is Chase the leader, and how come a pup can't be the boss instead of Ryder?

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  • Randomfan5495

    The Wiki ,apart from the video on his page, seems to have Recently decided that Tracker was a Potcake rather than a chihuahua based on sonthng said on recipe posted on a nick JR parents page. I would Like to point out that this is completly ubsurd. Correct me if I am wrong, but the recipe seems to have been posted by a random parent, and how would their opinion be in anyway official? Next this whole thing seems like an attempt to cover up the stereotyping ibehind making the Jungle pup a bilingual chihuahua. Well I agree that it is stereotyping, saying that he is a potcake is not fooling any one. Seriously, do image searches for potcake dog, chihuahua, and Paw Patrol Tracker, and then compare the images. You will clearly find that tracker w…

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  • Gogofun9999

    Taking A Break

    June 18, 2018 by Gogofun9999

    Starting from today, I will be taking a break from Wikia due to me not contributing. I love you all here but I want time to sort myself out. The staff members will be in charge. I will be online sometimes, but most of the time I won't be. I apologize for this, but it's for the best.

    And though my block on True and the Rainbow Kingdom Wikia expires on August 11, 2018, I will be patient.

    I hope you understand guys!

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  • Lavarocket

    Its sad...

    June 11, 2018 by Lavarocket

    I wish i didnt have to say this. But with the addition of the sea patroller. Zuma practically doesnt even need to be on the team anymore. Anything he can do with his sea patrol vehicle. Rubble could do, and maybe even better. Any non Sea patrol moments could just be taken over by rocky since he has a tugboat. All the other pups also have scuba gear so he isnt needed for that either. :/

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  • JoeyDR

    1 year on the Wiki

    June 7, 2018 by JoeyDR

    June 6,2017 was the day that I joined this wiki. My first contribution was a comment on Rocky's Page, heres the comment;

    Well that was an unfortunate timing of my reply... Oops...

    Anyway, this has been my fist wiki I ever been a part of, and I relly enjoy being on here. I wont stop hanging out on this wiki anytime soon.

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