Alex Porter is a young boy who lives in Adventure Bay. He is Mr. Porter's grandson. He has been voiced by two actors: Christian Distefano until mid-Season 5 and Wyatt White from then on.


Alex is a young boy predicted to be five or six years old. Due to his age, Alex does not listen or pay attention that much, as he is described as impatient. Alex loves school, as seen in "Pups Save a School Day".

Alex tries to form his own unprofessional rescue team in "Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol" because he cannot join the PAW Patrol himself. It consists of Alex, Cali, Chickaletta, Little Hootie, a bunny, and a turtle. It later reappears in "Pups Save the Crows" and "Pups Save an Out of Control Mini Patrol".


Due to his age, Alex is very rambunctious and impatient. Like Marshall, he can sometimes be clumsy. It is shown in "Pups Pit Crew" and several other episodes that he idolizes the PAW Patrol and wants to be like Ryder, so he builds his own super-trike.

Despite his impatience, Alex has good intentions and has been shown to be helpful in the community. In "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Movie Monster", Alex makes a brief cameo as the clapboard handler for a town film.

It can be inferred that Alex's hobbies include flying kites and visiting the bay, since he is seen among the kids at the beach in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Pier" and "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Shark".


Alex is a young boy with pale skin, light brown hair and blue eyes. He has two standard outfits, which are inconsistent throughout the series; his most common is an orange T-shirt and dark green pants. His other is a light blue polo shirt with green pants. When riding his Super-Trike or participating in activities like snowboarding, he usually wears a yellow helmet with a duck face on it. He is not as tall as the adults, but is about the same size as Precious' owner.


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